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Liteon laptop chargers and AC adapters will be at your door on the next day.

Liteon is a little-known laptop charger manufacturer, but it has some of the largest manufacturing contracts in the business.

Most of the demand for Liteon power adapters in Latvia is since they come with many laptops that are sold in Riga’s well-known online stores.

We have available a full set of power supply for Liteon laptops.

Considering that most of these laptops are positioned at a lower price on the market, customers do not want to spend money on a new OEM and copies of chargers but prefer the original Liteon adapters.

Fortunately for consumers, our online store Ladetaji.lv can supply a Liteon charger with a full warranty from the manufacturer, which guarantees reliability and uninterrupted operation.

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65.00  (Including tax)
Cable Type: USB Type-C
Output Amper(s): 2, 3 Amper
Output Voltage(s): 5, 12, 15 Voltage
35.00  (Including tax)
Cable Type: 5.5x2.5mm
Output Amper(s): 3,42 Amper
Output Voltage(s): 19 Voltage
35.00  (Including tax)
Cable Type: 5.5x2.5mm
Output Amper(s): 4,74 Amper
Output Voltage(s): 19 Voltage
70.00  (Including tax)
Output Amper(s): 7.1 Amper
Output Voltage(s): 19V Voltage

Liteon chargers with the manufacturer’s warranty


Furthermore, all our laptop adapters are original and are specifically designed to replace your previous Liteon power adapter. Many of our competitors supply universal laptop chargers to replace defective Liteon AC adapters, which are not only more expensive, but also tend to be 100% non-compatible, which negatively affects the performance of the laptop, and the latter often breaks due to this.

With this kind of breakdowns, Liteon owners often visit our laptop repair shop. Visit directly the specialized market leader in replacing the Liteon laptop chargers and let us make your laptop work again with the original charging device. Getting an appropriate Liteon laptop adapter replacement should be easy, simple, and seamless. If you will order charger on our website ladetaji.lv, then this will be your buying experience.