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DELTA laptop charging devices

Let's open a little secret. Delta laptop chargers are simply the best laptop chargers on the world market. In terms of reliability they have no equal. In terms of build quality, they are recognized as the best. In terms of price, Ladetaji.lv provides charging devices at the manufacturer`s best price. At other suppliers the price cannot be lower. If the price is less than ours, it is not the original adapter.

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35.00  (Including tax)
Cable Type: 5.5x2.5mm
Output Amper(s): 3,42 Amper
Output Voltage(s): 19 Voltage
35.00  (Including tax)
Cable Type: 5.5x2.5mm
Output Amper(s): 4,74 Amper
Output Voltage(s): 19 Voltage

Your laptop may come with a Delta brand charger when it is new, or it may be the original branded delivery from the laptop manufacturer. 

If you can only trust original brands such as Sony, Acer and Toshiba, just remember what Delta is. They do produce power supplies for these companies.

Open one of the power supplies of the great brands, and you will surely see inside the Delta branded parts. You cannot go wrong with the Delta laptop adapter from Ladetaji.lv.


Of all the Delta products we supply, our range of Delta laptop chargers is the most popular.

The Delta laptop range is focused on the end-user retail market, so the demand for the full range of Delta laptop adapters is very high.


Customers of Ladetaji.lv are pleased to know that all our listed products are guaranteed to be available, and delivery will be carried out on the same day throughout the territory of Latvia, if the order is made before lunch.

If you desperately need your power supply unit to be delivered very fast, you can rely on our Company.

It will provide you the best service.

You will get the right Delta charger right in your hands in ready to use condition within an hour, if you are in Riga!


Ladetaji.lv offers the widest assortment of original Delta laptop power supplies in Latvia.

Since all chargers are stored in our Latvian Warehouse, we offer the fastest and most expeditious delivery times in our industry.

We offer original Delta chargers for laptops, which come with a free power cord adapted to Latvian power outlets. This ensures that after receiving a charger, you can immediately connect your laptop and start working.

Unlike many vendors, we only offer original Delta laptop adapters. This means that you can be sure that the product we deliver meets all the high quality and safety standards documented in Latvia and in the EU.

For these reasons Ladetaji.lv as a representative of the company DataMarket, is the most reliable supplier of laptop chargers in the Republic of Latvia. Therefore, you can be sure that we will provide the adapter you need quickly and accurately.


Since all our Delta notebook power supplies are original products, they are covered by a factory warranty as standard.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the purchase of a Delta laptop charger, our sales technician will be happy to answer your call or email.

We look forward to your questions and prove that Ladetaji.lv is the best solution for users when it comes to supplying original high-quality spare parts for laptops at affordable prices.