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BenQ laptop charging devices

BenQ laptops in Latvia are less popular than Apple, Acer or Lenovo, so we do not have all kinds of power supplies for these laptops in our Warehouse in Riga. But having direct supply contracts with this Taiwanese company, we can guarantee the customer that by purchasing a BenQ laptop charger from us, the customer will receive original charging device.

If at the time you contacted us, we haven’t yet uploaded the received BenQ chargers to the online store Ladetaji.lv, or they are not yet in our Warehouse in Riga, contact our Sales Managers. Their phone numbers are +371 26666636 and +371 66206666 or order a callback and they will advise you.

As a leader in the supply of chargers and power supplies in the Baltic States, we can support owners of BenQ laptops of almost all models.

For a complete list of BenQ laptop models, for which we guarantee the delivery of original chargers, see at the end of this page.

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If we have the necessary charger in our Warehouse, and if you order up to 3 pm, you will receive it on the same day.

In the absence of the original BenQ laptop adapter, delivery will be made to your door within a few days.


The charger can be picked up also in the main service center of DATAMARKET.

Considering that the original BenQ power supplies are very reliable, it is likely that the fault is not in the power supply, but in the connection cables, or in the laptop itself, so you can visit us FOR FREE DIAGNOSTICS, and perhaps your problem will be solved in just a few minutes.

Why should I buy the original BenQ power supplies?

Like SONY and other electronics leaders, BenQ divides all the parts they produce into 3 Categories.

  • Category A - the highest accuracy. For the defense industry and personal needs. In these details, the error in the test measurement is practically absent.
  • Category B - high accuracy. For OEM manufacturers.
  • Category C - for retail sale and the manufacturers of the copies.

Therefore, when purchasing the original power supply the probability to get quickly damaged goods is almost impossible.


A list of models of BenQ laptops for which we supply chargers.


Benq Joybook A Laptops

  • Benq Joybook A33E,
  • Benq Joybook A51,
  • Benq Joybook A51E,
  • Benq Joybook A52,
  • Benq Joybook A52E,
  • Benq Joybook A53,

Benq Joybook P Laptops

  • Benq Joybook P41,
  • Benq Joybook P51E,
  • Benq Joybook P52,
  • Benq Joybook P53,

Benq Joybook Q Laptops

Benq Joybook R Laptops

  • Benq Joybook R31,
  • Benq Joybook R42,
  • Benq Joybook R43,
  • Benq Joybook R45,
  • Benq Joybook R53,
  • Benq Joybook R55,
  • Benq Joybook R55E,
  • Benq Joybook R55U,
  • Benq Joybook R55V,
  • Benq Joybook R55VE,
  • Benq Joybook R55VEG,
  • Benq Joybook R56,

Benq Joybook S Laptops

  • Benq Joybook S31,
  • Benq Joybook S31V,
  • Benq Joybook S31VE,
  • Benq Joybook S32,
  • Benq Joybook S32B,
  • Benq Joybook S32EB,
  • Benq Joybook S33,
  • Benq Joybook S41,
  • Benq Joybook S42,
  • Benq Joybook S52,
  • Benq Joybook S53,
  • Benq Joybook S61,
  • Benq Joybook S72,
  • Benq Joybook S73G,

Benq Joybook T Laptops

Benq Joybook U Laptops

Benq Joybook U101

Benq Joybook X31


If you find your BenQ model on this list, feel free to place an order!